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Gunshot wounds are costly injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2019 | Personal Injury

Most people go through life never imagining they will become the victim of a crime. You may see news coverage of such events in other states. Even if a tragic crime occurs near your Georgia home, it may still be too terrible to conceive that you may be involved in a similar incident.

Nevertheless, if the unthinkable has happened and you are recovering from a gunshot wound you received when someone else was committing a crime, you may have many questions about your options and concerns regarding your future. Gunshot wounds can quickly cause devastating injuries, and the cost of treatment and recovery can be astronomical. Knowing what you are up against may help you make some important decisions about how to move forward.

What is your prognosis?

Of course, the location on your body where the bullet entered often determines the severity of the injuries. A wound to the chest, neck or head has a stronger likelihood of proving fatal than a shot to your leg or arm. Some studies show that a matter of inches to the right or left of your heart can mean the difference between life and death. Other factors that determine how serious your injuries may be include:

  • The number of bullet wounds you suffered
  • The trajectory of the bullet
  • Whether the bullet pierces a major organ
  • The amount of time it took before you received medical care
  • Your risk for infection

Whether you are dealing with a life or death injury or a bullet to an extremity, you are likely looking at substantial costs for medical treatment, from the ambulance and emergency responders, to surgeries, medical equipment and prescriptions, and physical therapy. These expenses can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. This does not include the cost of psychiatric care since gunshot wounds are traumatic and often lead to mental distress.

If you feel like it does not seem fair for you to have to suffer physically, emotionally and financially for someone else’s actions, you are right. In fact, the person who pulled the trigger may not hold sole liability. Some responsibility may go to the property owner who failed to provide adequate security or others whose negligence allowed the crime to occur. Reaching out for legal advocacy can assist you in obtaining the justice you deserve for your suffering.


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