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Easy safety measures to keep parking lots safe

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2019 | Premises Liability

Employers in Georgia or anywhere else may be liable for injuries that occur to employees in parking lots. Therefore, it is important that they take steps to ensure that workers are as safe as possible while on a lot or in a parking garage. One way to accomplish this goal is to ensure that everyone knows where they should be driving or walking. Bright paint, physical barriers or large signs can help direct traffic in a lot or in a garage.

Any surface that a person may walk on should be properly maintained. This can prevent a person from tripping or falling because of a crack or the presence of a pothole. It may also be necessary to make sure that paint has not cracked or faded. Employers should make sure that a parking lot or garage has sufficient lighting. This makes it easier for both drivers and pedestrians to see each other and avoid an accident.

Proper lighting can also reduce the chances of a violent attack or attempted robbery in a parking lot. It is a good idea to inspect company property for burned out lights or any objects that may block them from fully illuminating an area. Finally, it is a good idea to have a plan to keep ice, snow or other debris off of areas that people may drive or walk on.

Those who are hurt in what could be labeled as preventable accidents may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. A property owner might be negligent for failing to keep a parking lot properly lit or free from snow or ice despite knowing the danger it could cause. An attorney may be able to help an injured victim pursue a favorable outcome either through a settlement or trial.


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