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Supermarket chain virtually eliminates slip-and-fall accidents

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Slip & Fall Accidents

Retailers in Georgia and around the country tend to view slip-and-fall accidents and the lawsuits that they give rise to as an inevitable part of doing business, but a Pennsylvania-based supermarket chain has virtually eliminated slip-and-fall injuries at its 57 warehouse and convenience stores by making both employee and customer safety a top priority. Redner’s Markets has achieved this by adopting a comprehensive strategy that includes frequently checking store floors for spills or other hazards, providing all workers with thorough safety training and placing adhesive-backed floor mats in high-risk areas.

Redner’s safety program uses barcode technology to refine and improve existing safety protocols. Workers use barcodes to log their activities when they check floors for dangerous conditions or clean up spills. Managers then check these records to ensure that high-risk areas have not been neglected. Barcodes are also used during safety walks that are designed to identify areas that could be made safer.

The floor mats Redner’s uses to prevent slips and falls play an important role. They are made more effective by an adhesive backing, and they are large and simple to cut. This means that they provide adequate protection in large areas like entrances and are easy to modify for use in tighter spaces. Redner’s also takes steps to ensure that lighting in high-risk areas is adequate and defective or broken light bulbs are replaced without delay.

Establishing liability in lawsuits filed on behalf of slip-and-fall accident victims involves convincing juries that premises owners did not take all reasonable steps to protect their visitors. The safety procedures put into place by Redner’s were straightforward and inexpensive to implement, and experienced attorneys could use the effectiveness of such programs to highlight how the injury to a client could have been prevented.


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