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Trees can be as dangerous as they are beautiful

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Premises Liability

While you may not consider yourself a tree expert or arborist, you may still appreciate getting out and lying under the shade for some relaxing time or finding the best restaurant that provides outdoor seating shrouded in trees. Though the fall season has hit Georgia, temperatures often still allow for time outside.

However, those trees you may seek out for shade or to provide a nice view could pose a considerable threat to you. If property owners do not make sure that their trees remain healthy and free from hazards, you could end up suffering serious injuries in an unexpected accident.

Tree hazards

Even though you may have never studied trees, you can still watch out for possible aspects that could mean a tree is not at its best. Some hazards to look out for include the following:

  • Damaged limbs: Limbs can easily fall from trees, and depending on their sizes, they could seriously injure you or someone else if they strike a person. Limbs that are broken, damaged or dead could fall at any moment.
  • Exposed trees: Trees that once had protection from surrounding trees may have a greater chance of suffering from wind damage if other trees have been recently cleared.
  • Damaged trees: Lightning, disease, storms and a number of other factors could easily cause damage to trees. In these cases, part or all of the tree could die, which could put it at risk of losing limbs or falling completely.
  • Leaning trees: Leaning trees could also pose a risk of falling, especially if the lean recently developed or seems to get worse. Some trees may have a natural lean that do not pose any risk, but if you are unsure, you may want to keep a distance just in case.

Of course, various other issues could present themselves in trees that you may not notice. However, property owners should have their trees inspected to make sure they do not pose any risks to visitors or patrons.

Tree-related injuries

Unfortunately, you could suffer serious injuries in an unexpected accident caused by falling tree limbs or other tree-related issues on someone else’s property. If so, you may have reason to file a premises liability claim against the property owner or other liable parties in order to seek compensation for your injuries and other damages resulting from the incident. Gaining legal information on this option may help you determine whether it could suit your circumstances.


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