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Tips to stay safe while shopping

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Premises Liability

Walking through a parking garage in Georgia or anywhere else could make a person vulnerable to being attacked or losing property to a thief. This is because many people who are walking to their cars are looking at their phones or otherwise not paying attention to their surroundings. To lower the odds of an attack, it can be a good idea to shop during the day.

During the day, there are more people in a parking lot or garage, and thieves prefer to operate at night because they can operate under the cover of darkness to help them. Individuals can also protect themselves by using a credit card instead of cash and not wearing a lot of expensive jewelry. By being discreet, a person may not seem as attractive of a target to a potential criminal. When choosing a parking space, a person should look for one that is supervised by an attendant or security system.

Parking close to the entrance can cut down on the amount of time spent walking alone, which reduces the chances of an attack occurring. To keep a car safe while unattended, it should be locked to make it harder for someone to gain access to the interior. Furthermore, it is a good idea to keep expensive or otherwise attractive items out of view.

Individuals who are victims of violent crime or any other type of incident resulting in property loss or personal injury may receive compensation. This is true if the owner of the property where the incident happened was negligent in allowing it to occur. This person may be negligent if a known dangerous condition existed, and it was not remedied or made known to the victim. Personal injury cases may be resolved through mediation or litigation.


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