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Staying safe in the parking lot

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Inadequate Security

Georgia residents and other people throughout the country could be victims of parking lot assaults. To reduce the odds of one occurring, it is recommended that an individual park in an area that has adequate lighting. In the event that a person senses an attack may be imminent, it can be a good idea to push the panic button on car key. This will emit a loud noise that may scare an attacker away.

Those who feel as if their safety could be compromised should return to the store or other location that they just left. An employee may be able to help an individual walk to his or her car or otherwise take measures to ensure a person is safe. Individuals can reduce the odds of becoming an attack victim by keeping their eyes on the parking lot at all times.

Looking at a phone or at a receipt can take a person’s focus away from their surroundings. Criminals like to strike those who are acting in an oblivious manner as it makes it easier to attack without much resistance. If a person is unable to hit a panic button, it is a good idea to scream or otherwise call attention to the situation. Doing so could cause a criminal to retreat as he or she doesn’t want to be caught in the act.

The owner of a location in which an attack occurs might be liable in a premises liability suit. Individuals who are assaulted or robbed may be entitled to compensation for medical bills incurred. They might also be entitled to recoup the cost of lost or damaged property. An attorney may review evidence such as security camera footage or witness statements to help victims obtain favorable outcomes in their cases.


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