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How small businesses can prevent slip and falls

Business owners in Georgia, as elsewhere in the U.S., know what it can mean for them if a customer slips and falls on their property. Such an accident could be attributed to the business owner's negligence and lead to the victim filing a premises liability claim. In the end, whether the victim receives a settlement or not, the business owner will have to spend time and money on a legal defense.

Roller coaster derailment leads to injuries

Some Georgia residents may have heard about a roller coaster derailment in Florida on June 14. The Sand Blaster ride at Daytona Beach had 10 people on it when the accident occurred. Two of them fell to the ground and two others were left dangling in one of the cars. In all, the Halifax Health Medical Center said it admitted nine people in connection with accident.

Regulation vs. litigation in amusement park accident cases

Before 1981, fixed amusement rides were regulated by the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. Today, Georgia and other states regulate these rides within their own borders, and regulations aren't necessarily uniform in each state. This is because of a budget deal reached in 1981, and lobbying efforts by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions have kept proposals for federal regulations at bay.

Staying safe in the parking lot

Georgia residents and other people throughout the country could be victims of parking lot assaults. To reduce the odds of one occurring, it is recommended that an individual park in an area that has adequate lighting. In the event that a person senses an attack may be imminent, it can be a good idea to push the panic button on car key. This will emit a loud noise that may scare an attacker away.

The dangers of slipping and falling

As a child, you may remember taking many tumbles. In fact, when you first began walking, you took those uncertain steps only to land hard on your seat. Your family may have laughed and cheered when you got up with a seemingly miraculous resilience and tried again.

The duty of care in premises liability cases

Landlords in Georgia and around the country are expected to do all that they reasonably can to protect visitors and members of the public from harm, but the scope of this duty of care has been the focus of fierce legal debate. Plaintiffs in negligence lawsuits have argued that landlords have additional duties to protect others under premises liability law, but the courts have been reluctant to impose duties on landlords that would not apply equally to others.

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