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Did you suffer in a crime due to a lax in apartment security?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2018 | Victims Of Crimes

Looking for a new place to live can be an exciting experience. Whether you are looking to live away from your parents for the first time or have simply decided to move to another location, you may consider living in an apartment complex due to the ease of renting, at least for the time being. Of course, you likely also have considerable concerns regarding the safety in the place you choose to call home.

Most apartment complexes have some security measures in place. These features could include gates with keycard or coded access, lights to keep parking lots or other areas well-lit at all times, security personnel to patrol the premises or other measures that could help keep you and other residents or visitors safe. Of course, some property owners or managers could become lax in their safety features, and you or someone else could end up the victim of a crime as a result.

Where are your keys kept?

One safety measure that may be of particular concern relates to the security of keys. In most cases, you would receive a copy of your apartment key and the landlord would also have a copy for emergencies or other issues that could arise. While you may take particular care to ensure that you do not lose your key or leave a spare in an obvious area, your landlord may not take such measures.

Property managers often keep keys together for easy access, but what may act as easy access for the landlord could potentially also act as easy access for a possible criminal. In fact, a considerable number of cases involving home invasions took place after the invader was able to gain access to a key. If managers do not keep keys secure, they could hold liability in the event that you suffer injuries in the course of a crime committed by another person who obtained a key to your apartment.

Other security issues

The safety of your keys is not the only precaution that needs taking to protect your home and you while living in an apartment. Dark areas, dangerous property conditions and lack of other security measures could all potentially contribute to your suffering injuries on the premises, either as part of a crime or an accident. If this does happen to you, you may want to explore your legal options for seeking compensation against the landlord and other liable parties through a premises liability claim.


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