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The calculation of slip and fall settlements

Georgia residents who are seeking compensation for a slip and fall injury will want to know what's involved when determining a fair settlement. There are several preliminary steps. First, the victim must prove that the issue leading to the accident was something the owner should have known about. Next, the victim must show that he or she was a lawful entrant on the property.

Tips for maintaining hotel safety and security

Hotel owners in Georgia may be wondering how they can maintain a safe yet welcoming atmosphere on their properties, especially when they host public events. This will require a plan that manages to train staff on work safety, educate guests on the reasonable use of the property and enforce preexisting security policies.

How slip-and-fall cases are decided

If an individual gets hurt from a fall that occurs while on another party's property, he or she may have a legal claim. Typically, such cases that are brought forth in Georgia are negligence claims. This means that the defendant was not intentionally trying to hurt the plaintiff. How a case is settled depends on the severity of the injury and the amount of the damages incurred.

Hurt at the gym? Exercise your rights!

If you have stuck with your New Year's resolutions to this point, you must feel very proud of yourself. Making a plan to get healthy is difficult in a world where bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle threaten to sabotage your every effort. Therefore, you have avoided food triggers, given up sugary drinks and joined one of the many gyms in Georgia. Things were going well, and you may have noticed some changes in your body and your frame of mind.

How to collect payment from a debtor in another state

Whether you always dreamed of owning your own business or you came into it through a family inheritance, you take pride in the work you do, the service you provide or the product you sell. You may be wildly successful or getting by year to year, but you have a loyal customer base and dependable vendors or contractors.

Tennis player settles case over slip and fall injury

While athletes in Georgia may have reason to be concerned about suffering sports injuries on the field, sometimes those damages can come as a result of a slip-and-fall accident rather than as part of the activity itself. One example is the case of Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard, who suffered a head injury after slipping and falling on a locker room floor at the 2015 U.S. Open tennis tournament. She ultimately settled a liability lawsuit over the incident with the United States Tennis Association in February.

Man awarded $20 million for faulty swing set accident

Georgia residents who live in areas that have a homeowners association may be interested to learn that a Las Vegas HOA was ordered to pay $20 million to a man on account of a faulty swing set in a playground that it maintained. According to the report, the faulty swing set collapsed on the man when he was a teenager, leaving him with brain damage.

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