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Understanding when property negligence occurs

Georgia residents who are injured on another person's property may have a claim against the property owner. Generally speaking, the property owner has a duty to ensure that a yard or interior space is safe to occupy. Failing to act in a reasonable manner to ensure those conditions may represent negligence on his or her part.

Filing a claim for unsafe building injuries

The laws in Georgia and across the U.S. make provisions for those who are injured in unsafe buildings. Whether they slip on a wet floor, trip on a pothole, fall down broken stairs or get struck by a falling object, people have the right to file a claim for compensatory damages.

Residents may be required to provide shelter in emergencies

In the event of an impending crisis, homes and businesses may make ideal shelters if their owners choose to make them available. If legislation written by a Hawaii lawmaker is passed, they would be required to make them available to all members of the public. However, the lawmaker did say that the intent of the law was to prevent businesses or homeowners from sending people out into the streets during an emergency.

Debt collection begins before you even extend credit

It's probably safe to assume that you opened your Georgia business to make a profit. You provide goods, services or both for a fee, and you expect that your customers and clients will make the required payments. That seems simple enough, but at some point, you find yourself dealing with a customer who failed to pay, paid with a fraudulent credit card or bounced a check.

Wrongful death judgment still unpaid by O.J. Simpson

Georgia residents who have been following the trials and tribulations of O.J. Simpson may be interested to learn that he may be making money off of signing autographs. These allegations come in spite of the fact that he owes more than $70 million for a wrongful death judgment. An attorney for Fred Goldman, whose son was killed in 1994 along with Simpson's ex-wife, reportedly went back to Los Angeles Superior Court on Jan. 30 to ask the judge to order that Simpson hand over any future earnings.

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