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You probably felt safe at the ATM at one time

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2017 | ATM Safety

You may be among the many people who would say that the invention of the Automatic Teller Machine was one of the best to come along in the banking industry. You have access to your money any time of the day or night. The problem is that in many cases, you face risks when using an ATM.

You may have checked around you before entering your password, but in those few seconds when your attention was on your transaction, someone attacked you. The assault may have lasted a few seconds or a couple of minutes. The point is that you suffered injuries and may never feel safe at an ATM again.

You may have done everything right

You may have replayed the incident in your head multiple times attempting to figure out whether you could have done something to prevent the assault. More than likely, you did the following during at least most of your trips to the ATM to remain safe:

  • As mentioned before, you probably looked around to see whether other people were too close.
  • If you saw something that just didn’t feel right, you walked away and went to another ATM.
  • You probably held your hand over the screen as you entered your information.
  • You put your card, money and receipt away before walking away from the ATM.
  • If you went into a room containing the ATM, you made sure that you were the only person in it.

Despite taking these personal safety measures, you suffered an assault. More than likely, you did everything right. However, you can’t always account for other people or negligent security in the area. Perhaps a light was out, or the ATM was in a location that provided a measure of privacy, which may make you feel better about your transaction but also creates an opportunity for someone meaning to do you harm.

Do you have any legal recourse?

In addition to the perpetrator of your assault possibly facing criminal charges, you could also file a civil suit against that individual or those individuals believed to be responsible for your injuries. However, that may not be the end of your legal options.

The banking industry has resisted upgrading security measures at ATMs here in Georgia in order to make them safer for customers’ use. If the evidence proves that the bank’s security measures created an atmosphere in which you could be assaulted, you may be able to pursue compensation for your financial losses. These cases can be a challenge, so it may benefit you to seek the appropriate help with your claim.


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