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Practice prevention to reduce slip-and-fall hazards

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2017 | Slip & Fall Accidents

Businesses in Georgia, especially restaurants, can take many preventative steps to reduce or eliminate slippery floors. A slip and fall by an employee or customer could produce costly liability and increase insurance premiums. The founder of the National Floor Safety Institute recommends that a business evaluate all flooring for hazards.

A manager or third-party safety auditor can measure the coefficient of friction, or slip resistance, on all walking surfaces. Readings need to reach a high-traction standard. Footwear matters, too, and employers should require employees to wear shoes with low heels and nonskid soles. According to the NFSI, improper shoes contribute to 24 percent of slips and falls. Employee training should also emphasize that slip hazards and spills should be brought to the attention of management right away and fixed. Employees need to warn customers about spills and guard the wet area until someone can arrive to clean the floor.

Mats can play an important role in safety as well, but they need to be the correct style and in good condition. A bunched-up or worn-out mat could trip someone. Mats need to have high-traction backing and be placed on dry surfaces. In wet or greasy areas in kitchens, managers can select non-slip matting or coat flooring with grit products to increase traction.

Someone injured in a slip and fall at a public or private venue does not necessarily need to prove negligence to make a personal injury claim under the laws of premises liability. By enlisting the services of an attorney, an accident victim could learn how to proceed with a personal injury claim. An attorney could document for a court the dangerous conditions that led to the fall and pursue compensation for medical bills from the person or company responsible for the building.


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