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Understanding legal rights while on spring break

| Mar 24, 2017 | Premises Liability

Georgia college students may look forward to hitting the beaches or enjoying some down time during spring break. However, along with warm weather and sunshine, it is possible to experience an injury while on vacation. In the event that an individual is the victim of a crime, he or she may also take civil action to hold parties liable for injuries suffered during the crime.

For those who are injured at a house party or at a hotel, it may be possible to take legal action against the property owner. If the injury occurred at a sponsored event, the event sponsor may be liable for financial damages. In the event that an individual chooses to get a tattoo, he or she may be entitled to damages if it leads to infected skin or other injuries.

If an individual is injured while on a cruise ship, he or she may be entitled to financial damages. However, the rules regarding personal injury may be different on the water compared to the rules governing liability on land. In some cases, maritime rules may apply even if the injury takes place while a ship is docked. Different personal injury rules may also in effect if an individual is hurt in another country while on vacation or for any other reason.

A person who is the victim of a preventable accident may be entitled to financial compensation for their medical bills and other losses. An attorney may contend that a property owner or an event sponsor knew or should have known that dangerous conditions existed in a house or hotel or at an event. Legal counsel may point to recent crime statistics or prior complaints about unsafe property conditions.


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