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Skateboarding hazards and liability

For many Georgia kids and young adults, skateboarding is a fun recreational activity that gets them out of the house. Some even use their skateboards as a quick and easy mode of transportation. However, they could cause serious injuries and be a liability to the property owner where the skateboarders were playing.

Because this activity can be so unsafe, there are many laws that regulate the use of skateboards. These laws are often under the jurisdiction of state traffic laws and may include rollerblades and bicycles. Certain areas, such as sidewalks and bike lanes, may even specifically ban skateboards. When skateboards are allowed, many city governments have passed laws that require skateboarders to follow the traffic laws by obeying speed limits and stop signs.

Skateboarding can also be problematic for those who go skating on private property or property that is not specifically designated for skateboarding. Tricks can cause damage to benches and cement structures. Additionally, if a person is injured while skateboarding on private property, the property owner could be held liable. This can be a particular problem when the property owner does not post signage indicating that the land is privately owned and does not allow skateboarding.

If a person was invited to skateboard on another person's property and is injured due to unmarked hazards, the owner of the property could potentially be held liable. The injured skateboarder may have the ability to file a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner. An attorney may assist with filing the lawsuit and providing the evidence that shows that the hazards on the property were not properly marked and that these hazards caused the injury. In many cases, the injured person could seek compensation for the injuries they suffered and for their medical costs.

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