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Negligent security is a serious safety concern

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2017 | Inadequate Security

When a crime such as molestation, assault or rape occurs, victims may fail to consider how other parties besides the perpetrator may bear responsibility for what happened. If you are a victim of this type of crime, obtaining justice for what you have been through may go beyond seeing a person behind bars. It may also include obtaining financial compensation for damages.

If your attack relates to negligent security, the Georgia property owner may be fully or partially liable for what you experienced. If a lack of certain security measures led to your traumatic attack, it is important to understand how you may take legal measure to secure restitution through a personal injury claim.

Examples of negligent security

How can you know if negligent security played a role in your attack? You may be unaware of the factors that led to your incident, but a thorough investigation can determine if any of the following relate to what happened:

  • Poor lighting in parking lots
  • No security guard
  • Broken, sparse or improperly placed security cameras
  • Broken guard gates or entry key pads
  • Malfunctioning locks
  • Distracted security personnel
  • Lack of background screening for employees
  • No safety policies or procedures

Property owners are required, within reason, to ensure that people who visit their premises are safe. When they fail at this obligation, they may be liable for any accidents or attacks that occur. Incidents that involve negligent security often involve commercial properties, but may also take place at:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Public transportation stations
  • Parking lots
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Malls and shopping centers

It can be difficult to relive what happened to you, but taking quick action to understand if you have grounds to move forward with a civil claim may prove invaluable.

The recovery you deserve

No amount of compensation can undo what happened to you, but taking this step can ensure that you get what you need for a full recovery. The factors that played a role in the incident were not your fault, and through an injury claim, you can be certain that all liable parties are accountable.

These cases can be complex, and working with an experienced attorney from the very beginning of the process can ensure your best chance of success. If you believe that you may have a case, a complete evaluation of your situation should allow you to fully understand how you can seek justice and recompense after an attack.


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