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Don’t park your safety at the door

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2017 | Inadequate Security

Whether you’re used to navigating the ins and outs of enormous parking garages in downtown Georgia cities, or you only access them occasionally when you take in a show or meet friends at a popular nightspot, there’s obviously a certain amount of risk involved when you use commercial parking venues. Some parking garages feature valets whose job it is to park and retrieve your vehicle for you.

More common, however, are garages where you are left to fend for yourself, which may entail having to use a stairwell or elevator to get from the level where you have left your vehicle to the ground floor exit. It’s understandable you might feel a bit uncomfortable in such circumstances, especially if you are walking through a parking facility at night.

Parking garage crime problematic in some areas

There’s no way to ensure 100 percent safety when parking your car in a commercial garage. However, keeping the following things in mind may improve your chances of avoiding accidents and parking garage crimes:

· Stay close to the entrance: Having to park at the top of a six-level garage is obviously not as safe as parking on the ground floor near the entrance. Many garages have an attendant stationed at this point; therefore, you may avoid potential crimes when an official is keeping a close watch on things.

· Be confident and remain alert: If you do have to park in a far-off spot, it’s always best to have your car keys at the ready and to walk with a swift and purposeful stride when you come back to the garage to retrieve your vehicle. A person meandering, fumbling through a purse or otherwise acting unsure is a prime target for a thief or other party who is up to no good.

· Leave cash at home: Safety studies suggest it’s best to carry plastic, not cash, when you know you will be using a commercial parking garage. It might also be best to leave expensive accessories and designer handbags at home as well.

In short, the more confident and aware of your surroundings you appear, the less likely you are to become the victim of a parking garage crime. Still, even the most cautious patron might run into trouble, especially if an area is poorly lit or lacks appropriate security. In fact, do you know that as many as one in 10 property crimes occur in parking lots or commercial garages?

If you have survived a parking garage theft or personal assault, you already understand the sheer terror of such experiences and have likely faced tremendous challenges as you recover and attempt to move forward in life, leaving the traumatic incident behind you. Achieving a full recovery becomes difficult when memories associated with emotional suffering haunt you, or if you continue to face financial strain related to medical expenses, counseling or other costs related to your injury.

In addition to family members, licensed counselors and medical professionals, an experienced personal injury attorney can be a great asset in such circumstances if you are considering filing a claim and have questions regarding premises liability or other legal issues.