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Injured inspector awarded $2M after falling off ladder

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Premises Liability

Georgia employees may be interested to learn that a worker who was injured while on a client’s property was awarded $2 million after he fell off a ladder that was provided by the client. The worker, who filed the case in San Luis Obispo County in California, had attempted to settle before going to trial.

According to the lawsuit, a 54-year-old fire alarm technician was in the process of inspecting a number of fire alarms at the Bella Vista Transitional Care Center. The care center gave him an extension ladder to use during the inspection. However, he fell off the ladder and suffered serious injuries, including broken bones in his feet and spine. He file the lawsuit in 2014.

The injured worker argued that the person who provided the ladder did not set it up correctly. Additionally, the ladder had not been maintained properly, violating OSHA regulations. The representative for the care center argued the worker had a ladder that he could use on his truck. Ultimately, the jury found that the care center was 70 percent at fault for the accident, with the plaintiff and his employer sharing the remaining portion of responsibility. The jury award was reduced proportionately under the state’s comparative negligence statute.

Preventable accidents can result in serious injuries that prevent a person from being able to work and earn an income. If the person was injured due to hazards on another’s property, the property owner may be at least partially responsible for the injury. A premises liability attorney may assist with gathering evidence that shows the extent of the injuries and the breach of duty by the defendant.

Source: National Law Review, “Inspector Who Fell From Ladder Supplied by Property Owner Awarded $2M“, Steven Sweat, Dec. 14, 2016


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