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Protection against premises liability lawsuits

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2016 | Premises Liability

Small business owners in Georgia should make sure that their property is safe. Business owners can prevent injuries from occurring on their property by enforcing safety rules and policies. They should also take steps to minimize the negative effect premises liability lawsuits may have on their finances by obtaining general liability insurance.

The premises liability law allows patrons and vendors to sue a business owner for negligence if they suffer an injury on the property. Although the property may be owned by another individual, many commercial lease agreements places the responsibility of keeping the premises safe on the shoulders of the business owner.

Slip-and-falls accidents are the root of most premises liability lawsuits. It refers to instances in which someone trips and falls due to an unsafe condition on the interior or exterior of a property. These conditions can include inadequate lighting, wet flooring or ice accumulation on a parking lot.

The foundation of premises liability lawsuits lies in whether an individual can prove that an accident occurred as a result of a dangerous condition the business owner knew about or should have reasonably known about. The plaintiff could also prove that the condition was on the property for enough time for the owner to be aware of it and rectify it.

Small business owners should take preventative measures to avoid the occurrence of accidents on their property while obtaining liability insurance in the event they are sued. If an accident does occur on the premises of a business, a personal injury lawyer may be consulted.


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