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3 girls fall from Ferris wheel and are injured

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2016 | Premises Liability

Georgia residents may have heard about the Ferris wheel accident that happened in Tennessee on Aug. 9. According to sources, three girls fell out of their chair while they were attending a fair.

According to a captain with the Greeneville Police Department, all three were taken to the hospital after falling from between 30 and 45 feet. The ages of the two youngest girls were not released, but the police indicated that the oldest girl is 16. The police said that they are continuing to investigate what happened, but that the chair in which the girls were sitting flipped over and spilled them out.

One witness reported that the chair appeared to get caught up on something as it was ascending. It then tipped, and the girls fell out. Two of the girls were flown to the hospital via helicopter while the third was taken in an ambulance. One of the three apparently suffered a severe head injury and is still in the hospital.

Owners and managers of property owe duties of care to people who are legally present on their property. Their duties include correcting any dangers that they either know about or reasonably should know about and to warn guests of the presence of the hazards. When they fail in their duties and the failure results in preventable accidents, the injured victims may sue for damages by filing personal injury lawsuits based on the theory of premises liability. Through a lawsuit, plaintiffs may be able to secure a settlement or a jury award in an amount that fairly compensates them for their losses. A personal injury attorney can evaluate a potential case so that people can understand what they might expect.

Source: CBS News, “Child in serious condition after falling from Ferris wheel in Tennessee,” Aug. 9, 2016


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