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Venue owners could play a role in minimizing threats

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2016 | Premises Liability

Georgia business owners who run bars, clubs and other establishments that are open to the public may need to take precautions against violent incidents. In the wake of the June 2016 shooting in Orlando that led to the deaths of 49 people at a nightclub, security experts point out that many venue owners could potentially reduce their patrons’ vulnerability to harm.

According to one Atlanta consultant, businesses that provide services for specific social groups may be more prone to being attacked. In the case of the Orlando shooting, the nightclub in question catered to LGBTQ individuals, but observers note that other facilities, such as schools and places of worship, also benefit when their owners take steps to heighten safety and prepare for risks.

Security advisers recommend that business owners implement improved security procedures, such as installing metal detectors and having patrons submit to pat-down inspections at entry points. Staff should also receive training on how to respond to dangerous situations, like turning off music during fights and being more alert during high-risk times like closing hours. According to the Atlanta consultant, merely instituting procedures that make venues seem harder to attack could reduce the likelihood of aggressive, potentially fatal action.

The history of armed attacks, assaults, robberies or violent altercations at or near a given business may play a major role in what happens if someone gets injured there in the future. An injured victim who can prove that the venue’s management provided inadequate security or other safeguards against dangers may be able to obtain compensation through a premises liability lawsuit filed with the assistance of an attorney against the owner of the property.


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