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Who Pays For Assault Injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2015 | Personal Injury, Victims Of Crimes

A violent assault can turn a person’s life upside down. In addition to emotional trauma, you may have to deal with medical bills and lost time at work. You may suffer a permanent injury from the attack. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system does little to help victims put their lives back together.

Where the criminal justice system often fails crime victims, the civil justice system may offer help. While the criminal justice system is about catching and punishing perpetrators, the civil justice system is about obtaining compensation for the victims from those responsible.

While criminals rarely have enough assets to pay for the damage they cause, there may be other parties who bear some responsibility for the attack and do have the ability to pay. Hotels, shopping centers, parking ramps, apartments and other businesses have a duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for people who come onto their property. This area of law is known as premises liability.

Many attacks could have been avoided if the property owner did everything he or she should have done to ensure the safety of guests. The following are examples of property owner negligence that can lead to rapes and other types of violent assault:

· Failure to install proper lighting

· Inadequate locks on windows or doors

· Failure to install security cameras in areas where people may be at risk of attach

· Failure to hire security guards or ask for increased police patrols

To recover compensation, you must show that the property owner was aware of the risk of assault and did not take reasonable steps to protect guests. Crime reports may provide strong evidence that there was a known risk of criminal attack in the area.

The law firm of Isenberg & Hewitt, PC represents clients in the Atlanta Metro area who are injured due to negligent security and other types of unsafe property conditions.


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