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Legal representation for premises liability claims

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Negligent Maintenance

Property owners in Georgia have a responsibility to maintain the safety of their premises for guests. When a guest is injured, killed, robbed or assaulted on a property, the property owner may be ordered to financially compensate the victim or their family for damages.

At our Atlanta law firm, our attorneys help our clients to file premises liability claims against negligent property owners and managers. If you suffered injuries while you were visiting a public or private property, we may be able to help you to pursue a monetary award for your losses. Our experienced attorneys are also prepared to help families of deceased accident or crime victims to bring claims against the owners of the properties where the incidents took place.

Some premises liability claims arise after a person has been assaulted or robbed on a property. Victims of these kinds of crimes may hold the property owner responsible for failing to keep their premises well lit and safe for their guests. Other cases involve victims who have been injured after slipping and falling on a floor or walkway due to preventable hazards. We also work with people who have become crime victims while visiting a bank-owned ATM to withdraw or deposit cash.

Our attorneys bring the knowledge from over 25 years of collective experience in premises liability law to each case that we represent. Whether you suffered injuries after falling in a shopping center or being robbed at an apartment complex, we can help you to pursue the compensation that you deserve. For additional information about the services that we can provide with respect to these matters, you are invited to take a look at our page on unsafe properties.


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