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What are the liability implications of revised Georgia gun laws?

| Jul 14, 2014 | Premises Liability

As most Georgia residents are aware — and as many around the nation have heard — the state of Georgia has revised its gun laws. Pro-gun activists believe the changes were necessary and that the changes are simply an expansion of their gun carrying rights. Anti-gun activists believe the changes are dangerous and that the new “guns everywhere” law will lead to more violence.

Regardless of your stance, it is important to note that there are still plenty of rules, regulations and laws that apply to the possession and handling of firearms in Georgia. But what do these new laws mean for premises liability law? How will stores, restaurants, bars, major retailers and other businesses deal with the increased presence of people carrying guns on their property?

Early indications show that every business will treat the new laws a bit differently. Some establishments will allow patrons to come in unabated, regardless of whether they are carrying or not. Other establishments will request that patrons do not enter if they are carrying a firearm. But this is where it gets complicated: whether the business requests that the patrons do not bring their firearms in or not, the individual still has that right under Georgia law. Businesses could potentially still be held liable should anything unfortunate happen.

It all raises questions about security at these businesses. Should they hire more security guards? Are additional security cameras necessary? What kind of safety policies do Georgia businesses have in place, and are they adequate enough to deal with the likely increase in people carrying guns?


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