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Chaos after storm in Atlanta could lead to legal action

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2014 | Premises Liability

It’s likely that just about every Atlanta resident was affected in some way by the recent snow storm that left the area in a state of emergency. Millions of people across the southern United States felt the devastating effects that a relatively small amount of snow had on an unprepared infrastructure. Despite Mayor Reed claiming that Atlanta was ready for the storm, many motorists were left stranded and some schoolchildren even had to spend the night at school.

Atlanta was essentially shut down completely. Gridlock created by motorists trying to beat the storm led to a traffic standstill. State troopers made attempts to rescue many motorists, while the National Guard delivered food. Some people that work in downtown Atlanta were forced to sleep in their office. Many people ended up walking home in the snow and cold. Almost 800 traffic accidents were reported in Atlanta alone, and nearly 1,400 accidents were reported by Georgia state police. One person was reported dead while another 130 suffered injuries. Officers even had to help a pregnant woman deliver a baby while she was stranded on Interstate 285.

Children were not immune to the mayhem either. Hundreds of students had to spend their night at school, while some school buses were left stranded on roadways. Concerned parents were forced to brave the traffic and weather in order pick up their children from buses or schools. Despite the National Guard being sent to schools and stranded buses in order to feed and retrieve students, many parents were left outraged by the failure to cancel school.

Parents on social media threatened lawsuits, but it’s unclear if any type of legal action could be taken. If a student was injured because of a school’s failure to be prepared for the storm, a qualified legal expert might be able to determine if a premises liability lawsuit could be brought. While a suit against government bodies are notoriously difficult to file, an attorney can help anyone injured during the storm decide if a case could be possible.

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