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Malls try to provide adequate security for shoppers

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2013 | Inadequate Security

Some recent mall shootings may have Georgia shoppers more hesitant to leave their homes to make holiday purchases. Even though an increase in Internet shopping has reduced business somewhat, retailers are taking shopper safety seriously and taking steps to protect their customers from violence nationwide.

Some malls and shopping centers have increased their security and other practice drills so that employees will be more prepared if there is an emergency in the building. Local police departments around the country have also played an active role in training mall security teams and working to increase awareness. The Department of Homeland Security produced a packet in 2011 to help shopping center security officers assess risks and decide whether it is better to for employees and customers to seek shelter within the facility or evacuate in an emergency situation.

Experts report that shoppers will likely still come to the malls despite recent attacks, but they added that security measures such as metal detectors may scare them away. With increased security presence, police and mall managers hope to prevent a tragedy over the holiday season.

When security personnel and building management provide inadequate security, one or more people may be hurt. The victim or the victim’s family could pursue compensation from the shopping center on the theory that they were negligent. An attorney who has experience handling personal injury claims may file a lawsuit with the appropriate court or attempt to negotiate a settlement with the mall owner or management group. Many cases are settled out of court, but the attorney may also prepare the case if it goes to trial.

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