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Woman sexually assaulted in South Beach hotel

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2013 | Inadequate Security

Atlanta residents may be interested in a sexual assault story coming from the southern shores of Florida. Miami Beach police stated that they have identified the man who attacked a female South Beach hotel guest at about 4:30 a.m. on Sept. 6. The 26-year-old man allegedly sexually assaulted the woman after entering an elevator in the hotel with her. The man told the victim that he was headed for the same floor. When the doors to the elevator opened, the man grabbed the woman, dragged her to her hotel room and sexually assaulted her. He also robbed the woman, who was visiting from Switzerland.

Police are asking the assistance of the public in locating the alleged culprit of the crime. Although they know who he is, thanks in part to a video surveillance camera in the hotel, they have not yet located him or taken him into custody. Official records show that the man is a registered sex offender with a lengthy criminal record that includes kidnapping and sexual battery.

Guests at the hotel did say that they have seen a security guard at the hotel. Tourists staying at nearby hotels noted that they are staying together, believing there is safety in numbers. They indicated that they are being more aware of who is around them at any given time as a result of the incident at the Breakwater Hotel.

A Georgia personal injury attorney may assist a person injured in a public space because of inadequate security. An attorney may aid by pursuing a claim against an insurance company to obtain compensation for injuries and damages sustained because of this type of negligence. A Georgia attorney may also assist in filing and litigating a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of a client injured as a result of a business’s failure to maintain a reasonable standard of security on its premises.

Source: CBS Miami, “Police Identify Suspect In South Beach Sex Assault“, September 13, 2013


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