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The Discovery Channel sued following filmed, broadcast attack

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2013 | Inadequate Security

A city like Atlanta, Georgia may have business establishments that do not provide adequate security for patrons. The Discovery Channel’s reality show “The Devils Ride” filmed and broadcast a California bar brawl in which a man was seriously injured. The man has filed suit against Discovery Communications seeking payment for medical expenses and lost earnings. He is also pursuing punitive damages for battery, assault, emotional distress, premises liability, negligence and violation of privacy. A security company is also named as a defendant. The plaintiff is claiming that there was not enough security or bar staff to stop the fight.

The plaintiff claims that The Lincoln Room bar enticed customers into the bar so cast members of the show could provoke fights with them. The show would film and broadcast the fights. The man said that cast members continued to beat him after he was on the ground. The film crew did not help him during the attack, and he had to call for emergency assistance himself. He claims the attack left him with ankle and knee fractures, a broken nose and facial and cranial injuries.

To add insult to injury, the defendant states that he did not give permission to the Discovery Channel to broadcast the incident. When the channel televised the fight and people recognized him from the show, the defendant said he was devastated and humiliated.

When a customer is injured due to inadequate security, he or she may experience expensive medical costs. If he or she is unable to work during the period of healing and rehabilitation, assistance meeting living costs may also be required. An attorney knowledgeable in premises liability may be able to secure compensation for the injured party to help cover their costs.

Source: Courthouse News, “Discovery Channel Show Accused of Assault”, Matt Reynolds, September 04, 2013


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