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Woman attacked by chimp tries to sue state again

| Jul 11, 2013 | Premises Liability

Georgia residents might be interested to hear that a woman who was attacked by a friend’s chimp back in 2009 tries to sue the state of Connecticut again for $150 million. She claims that the state had the authority to seize the dangerous animal and was obligated to do so, but didn’t. The claims commissioner of the state reportedly dismissed the woman’s case when she requested permission to sue the state once before.

The claims commissioner stated that the woman was denied permission to sue because at the time the woman was attacked, the state allowed for private ownership of chimpanzees. Furthermore, the state is generally immune to lawsuits unless the claims commissioner decides to allow them. However, the woman appealed that commissioner’s decision. Her attorneys state that at the time the woman was attacked, the state prohibited the ownership of primates weighing more than 50 pounds without a permit. Therefore, the state should have seized the dangerous property since it was owned illegally in the first place.

The woman had reportedly went to her friend’s house to help her lure her 200-pound chimpanzee back inside. However, the chimp went berserk and ended up ripping off the woman’s nose, lips, eyelids and hands before a police officer shot it. The woman ended up being blinded, lost her hands and had to undergo a face transplant. Furthermore, a state biologist had warned state officials that the chimp could seriously injure someone if it felt threatened since it had reached full maturity and was very large and strong.

Personal injury lawyers might be able to help the woman in seeking compensation from the state for not seizing the chimp. If won, the woman’s claim could help provide her monetary compensation for her pain and suffering and other punitive damages.

Source: ABC News, “Chimp Victim Tries Again to Sue Conn. for $150M”, John Christoffersen, July 03, 2013


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