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Family alleging wrongful death involving Discovery Communications

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2013 | Wrongful Death

Georgia property owners should focus on keeping their property safe. Discovery Communications is the focus of a wrongful death lawsuit after a woman died in an accident during filming. The woman was reportedly killed during a television shoot. The filming was being conducted for a television pilot for a 2011 television show called “Brother in Arms” that was not aired. When the opening scene was being filmed, a rocket malfunctioned and struck the woman. The opening scene was intended to show five people walking through a cloud of smoke.

The wrongful death lawsuit is being filed by the woman’s husband and her family. The woman’s husband was intended to be in the pilot along with his wife. The lawsuit filed by the family states that Discovery Communications was using special effects that were unsafe. The suit alleges that Discovery Communications was using two pyrotechnic devices that they were aware were not manufactured by a licensed and experienced manufacturer.

The family further alleges that Discovery Communications had not acquired the appropriate permits for the effects that they were using the two pyrotechnic devices for. The lawsuit is against both Discovery Communications and Anthropic. Discovery Communications has declined to comment on the allegations.

Wrongful death charges are possible for those who believe that the death of a family member could have been avoided. When wrongful death suits are filed with the help of a personal injury attorney they often seek compensation for the value of the life that was lost. This amount is usually quantified based on the individual’s potential for income. Georgia residents who believe that their family member’s death was caused by negligence or an unsafe environment could consider consulting an attorney for advice on if they have a case. If there is an unsafe environment, property liability could potentially also come into play.

Source: Fox News, “Discovery hit with wrongful death lawsuit after woman dies during filming”, June 14, 2013


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