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Star of Alliance Theater’s “Zorro” injured during rehearsal

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2013 | Premises Liability

An actor who was performing as the star of the Atlanta-based Alliance Theater’s ambitious “Zorro” sustained a burn injury during the cast’s March 27 rehearsal that required him to be taken to a nearby hospital. The on-stage rehearsal at the Alliance Theater was reportedly only the second for the cast and the first to employ pyrotechnic components.

According to a spokeswoman for Alliance Theater, the accident occurred when the actor got “too close” to the pyrotechnic elements and sustained burns to his hands. An official for the theater remarked that the set is one of the more “elaborate” sets that the theater has built for a play. Injuries, such as the actor’s burned hands, that occur on a commercial property may raise questions of premises liability as the individuals overseeing potentially dangerous activities, such as pyrotechnic displays, have an obligation to ensure the safety of those who partake in those activities.

However, the star of Zorro does not appear to be bringing forth any premises liability claims any time soon. He is scheduled to play the lead character beginning on April 10. After he was transported to the hospital, he was evaluated and given the okay to return to the play within a few days as his burn injuries are considered to be minor. Alliance Theater has stated that it will evaluate the pyrotechnic elements and make any necessary modifications in an attempt to ensure the safety of the actors and others.

If a property owner is aware of dangerous conditions or negligent maintenance leads to a person sustaining an injury while on the property of another, he or she may be liable for compensation through a premises liability claim filed by an injured party. Injured individuals would do well to consult with a Georgia personal injury attorney to find out if they have a viable claim.

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