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Slip and fall case against Target settled

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2013 | Premises Liability, Slip & Fall Accidents

A man who allegedly slipped and fell in a Target store in 2010 has settled his claim against the national conglomerate, which has numerous stores in Georgia. The slip and fall claim arose after the man stated that he fell on soda that had been left on the floor in a Target store.

According to his claim, the staff at Target failed to properly maintain, regularly inspect and clean the store’s aisles. Because of this failure to maintain the premises, the suit alleged, the plaintiff sustained a slip-and-fall injury due to a soda spill. His attorneys stated that he sustained a serious injury to a shoulder that required surgery to treat.

Target had previously removed the case to federal court a month after the complaint was filed. In order for a party to remove a case to federal court, the amount in controversy must exceed $75,000. The slip-and-fall claim was requesting general damages, special damages and punitive damages. Typically, including punitive damages is enough to justify the belief that a claim is asking for damages of over $75,000. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but the case was formally dismissed by a federal judge on February 28.

A property owner, which, as this case illustrates, can include a national corporation, must ensure that all premises are well-maintained. If a person is injured because of dangerous conditions that were permitted or ignored on a property, they may seek the counsel of an Atlanta premises injury attorney to assist him or her with filing a premises liability claim. Compensation for medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering may be available in some cases.

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