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Dangerous property leads to Atlanta woman’s injury

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2013 | Premises Liability

A woman who was at the production of a play at Alliance Theatre in Atlanta sustained an injury when part of a stage prop fell and hit her head. The accident occurred late last month and the woman was transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment of minor injuries. Although no official lawsuit has been filed as few details have been released regarding the incident, a situation of this nature can sometimes rise to the level of a premises liability claim.

While theater productions are not the typical site of a premises liability claim, the property owner could potentially be held responsible. Just like shopping centers or other commercial businesses, property owners are expected to keep their properties in a safe condition that does not result in an injury to customers, clients or guests.

A premises liability case may result when a person is injured on another’s property due to dangerous conditions. He or she may be able to bring forth a legal case if the landowners were aware of the dangerous state of the premises or if they should have been aware of these conditions. Such a claim may also result if a landowner overlooked hazardous conditions on his or her property due to negligent maintenance. Yet another type of premises liability claim can result when a person is injured by an assault during which inadequate security was available.

Premises liability claims provide injured customers and other individuals with the chance to seek financial compensation for the damages that they have suffered. They may be able to recover the costs of medical treatment, lost income and personal pain and hardship. A personal injury attorney may be able to assist victims who have been injured on another’s property and ensure that the responsible party accepts liability for their negligence.

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