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Woman sues Johnny Depp after being attacked by his security guards

| May 11, 2012 | Inadequate Security

Atlanta residents may be seeing a lot of Johnny Depp in the news lately. Not only is the media abuzz with his recently announced vampire role in a Tim Burton flick, but gossip columns are also flush with stories about troubles in his marriage. A much more serious news story about the movie star has also recently been reported–a disabled woman is suing Depp and his body guards for premises liability.

The woman, who is a medical doctor, is accusing Depp’s bodyguards of assaulting her when she attempted to use the VIP area as a designated disabled entrance at an Iggy Pop concert at the Hollywood Palladium theater. The woman argues in the suit that Depp’s bodyguards injured her so severely in the December incident that she needed to be treated at an emergency room.

The woman says that she showed the guards her cane, but Depp was not convinced and he allegedly told his guards to accost the woman when she entered the theater. According to the complaint, the guards then tackled the woman from behind before handcuffing her and taking her iPhone, which held confidential patient information.

Furthermore, she has said that the guards removed her pants and exposed her lower body to the occupants in the theater, before she was dragged up the steps and thrown out of the theater.

Among her injuries are spinal root damage and a dislocated elbow, which have left her unable to work.

The suit does not name Iggy Pop, but it does name the theater. Often, if an assault happens in a theater or other entertainment venue, the facility owner or managers can be held liable for having inadequate security to provide patrons with a reasonable expectation of safety. In addition to assault and battery, the claim specifically accuses both the theater and Depp of negligence, premises liability, negligent hiring and retention and infliction of emotional distress.

Source: Courthouse News, “Woman claims Johnny Depp ordered bodyguards to attack her,” Matt Reynolds, April 18, 2012


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