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Reality TV slip-and-fall claim settled

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2012 | Slip & Fall Accidents

Former pop star and reality show fixture Paula Abdul agreed to pay $900,000 in damages to a woman who allegedly fell on her property several years ago. “Slip and fall” lawsuits are a type of premises liability action that holds the owner of a property responsible for injuries.

The woman who filed the suit against Ms. Abdul alleged that the driveway was in a dangerous and defective condition. She was injured while participating in the filming of Ms. Abdul’s reality TV show Hey Paula. The woman also settled with the company who made the show for $100,000.

The case was originally filed in 2009, lasting about three years before the parties finally came to an agreement. Long negotiation and discovery periods can be common in cases like this.

Injuries at someone else’s home are common, since owners might not realize how hazardous different parts of the property could be. However, they still have the responsibility to maintain the property or warn visitors of a hazardous condition. The circumstances surrounding the accident at Ms. Abdul’s house are not known.

If you or someone you know has been injured because of a dangerous condition at someone else’s home, you may be entitled to damages. People can recover for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and other injuries caused by the incident. An attorney who practices in this area of the law can help you evaluate whether or not you have a claim and if it is worth pursuing.

Source: Daily Mail, “Paula Abdul agrees to pay $900,000 damages to woman injured on her driveway,” Feb. 22, 2012.


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