Shareholder & Operating Agreements

Protecting Your Important Business Interests

Shareholder agreements and operating agreements define the way in which a business will be owned and run. Well-structured agreements serve to establish smooth operations and to minimize the chance of disruptive and costly disputes. As with other business contracts, the substance of shareholder agreements and operating agreements will vary depending on the type of business involved and the objectives of the shareholders.

If you are a business owner or shareholder, having the help of an experienced business lawyer is indispensable in preparing agreements that will protect your interests and the health of the business itself. At Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, we are highly skilled in the formation of corporations and other entities, as well as in the development of shareholder agreements, operating agreements and other important business contracts.

Georgia Operating Agreement Attorneys

If you are starting a business or fortifying an existing venture, our experienced business attorneys can help you:

  • Address essential matters of ownership structure, management and capitalization
  • Outline and describe specifics about how and where your business will operate
  • Prevent and deal with internal disputes
  • Handle business litigation related to breach of contract, partnership disputes and other matters
  • Devise bylaws and structure annual meetings
  • Establish and protect trademarks, trade names, trade secrets, patents and other intellectual property

Atlanta Shareholder Agreements Attorneys

Our attorneys understand shareholder law, and we have helped many businesses achieve their goals over the past 25 years. Contact us for assistance with your important business matter.