Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Georgia Commercial Dispossessory Warrant Attorney

With many things that can go wrong between parties, disputes between tenants and landlords occur frequently in the commercial real estate arena. Because these disputes can carry high stakes — large amounts of rent over the course of a lease, significant property damage or repair costs, for example — it is important to have experienced, efficient legal representation in order to resolve yours as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Our experience includes shopping centers, office buildings and other commercial properties. Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, are proud to be members of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and an article contributor to Insight magazine.

Isenberg & Hewitt represents commercial landlords and tenants only. We do not represent tenants of residential properties who have issues with their landlords.

Resolving Landlord-Tenant Disagreements

Whether you are a commercial property owner or a commercial tenant, the real estate lawyers of Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, will work to make sure your interests are protected and your liability is minimized. If you are facing a disagreement with your landlord or tenant, we have the experience to:

  • Carefully review your lease in order to understand how it specifically relates to the disagreement
  • Advise you regarding your liabilities, contractual obligations and legal rights and of your options for fixing the problem
  • File dispossessories for landlords throughout the Atlanta area
  • Handle problematic shopping center lease matters on behalf of landlords and tenants with retail businesses and customer-facing spaces
  • Litigate deficiency claims for commercial leases, especially those brought by tenants
  • Represent you aggressively and strategically in other business litigation matters

Atlanta Commercial Landlord-Tenant Dispute Attorneys

Contact Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, for advice regarding your commercial lease dispute. Our business and real estate lawyers are seasoned professionals with the ability to take multiple paths to the resolution of your matter.