Guidance For Credit Managers

Atlanta Credit Lawyers With Exceptional Experience

During difficult economic periods, all kinds of businesses struggle to grow while managing risk and reducing losses. Minimizing bad receivables is a priority for credit managers, and the help of a skilled attorney is often needed to implement best practices and improve bottom lines.

At Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, we provide guidance for credit managers and business owners in Georgia, in addition to serving a statewide and national clientele in our effective commercial collections practice. With decades of relevant credit and collection experience, our attorneys advise businesses regarding maximization of their receivables and mitigation of losses.

Optimizing Credit Policies and Procedures to Reduce Losses

We can help you answer critical questions that bear on the success of your business:

  • How should appropriate credit limits be established?
  • How can we optimize our accounts receivable aging policies in a way that makes sense within our industry and in the current economic climate?
  • When is it time to turn over an account to an outside collector — at 60 days, 90 days or another point?
  • How do we craft credit applications and guarantees in a way that will reduce our risk? Are there inherent problems with our guarantees that need to be changed?
  • How exactly do we take action on a bad receivable?
  • What can a collection attorney do that a traditional collection agency can't do?

About Harriet C. Isenberg, Esq.

Attorney Harriet Isenberg, one of the Atlanta area's leading collections attorneys, provides consultation to business and credit managers. Ms. Isenberg's accomplishments and leadership positions include:

  • Charter member and co-chairperson, Creditors' Rights section of the State Bar of Georgia
  • Member, Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), which provides access to thousands of creditors' rights attorneys across the country and beyond
  • President, Apartment Vendors Association
  • Membership in the Atlanta Construction Credit Group
  • Appointed member of the Fulton County Court Improvement Task Force
  • Frequent speaking engagements regarding credit loss prevention policies at various organizations and credit groups
  • Educates judges at statewide judicial conferences
  • Appearances on the TV show "The Layman's Lawyer"
  • Established the prevailing law in Georgia's Court of Appeals pertaining to the award of attorney's fees in commercial debt collections cases

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