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18-year-old girl dies from brain-eating amoeba

Georgia residents who enjoy cooling off at water parks or water-based outdoor recreational parks may be interested to learn that a family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against one such establishment following the death of their 18-year-old daughter. According to the lawsuit, the woman became infected with the Naegleria fowleri amoeba after visiting a North Carolina outdoor recreational park in June 2016.

High liability risks the norm for amusement park rides

Although accidents on Georgia amusement park rides are rare, they tend to place high levels of financial responsibility upon the manufacturers and ride operators when they do occur. For example, the terrible death of a 10-year-old boy decapitated in a 2016 water ride accident produced a civil settlement with the park owners, operators and raft manufacturer that was suspected to approach $20 million.

Court awards amputee $95.6 million

Georgia residents may have read about a trial in a Philadelphia that resulted in an arbitrator's decision to award $95.6 million to a woman who lost her legs in a 2013 building collapse. Her award was the largest amount from the $227 million settlement, which is to be distributed among the 12 others who were injured and the families of seven victims who lost their lives in the incident.

Party planning includes premises liability considerations

A slip and fall, unruly guest or drunk driver could turn a party in Georgia into a legal nightmare The law imposes certain levels of responsibility on people hosting events, and the vice president of Insurance for AAA Club Alliance said that party planners sometimes overlook the potential liabilities if something goes wrong.

3 people injured after 15-foot fall from Ferris wheel

Georgia amusement park and carnival patrons depend on safety inspections to ensure that rides undergo proper maintenance. An accident at a festival on the West Coast highlights the dangers of malfunctioning rides. According to the police report, something fell off a Ferris wheel that made a grinding noise when a basket flipped and ejected three people.

Partial settlement reached in balcony collapse lawsuits

Some Georgia residents may have read about a balcony collapse in California in June 2015 that resulted in the deaths of six students and injured seven others The injured students and the families of those who were killed reached a settlement with seven of the companies sued in connection with the collapse.

Filing premises liability lawsuits against big box stores

When Georgia shoppers are injured at a big box store, they may not be sure what they need to do in order to seek compensation for their medical bills and other damages. While they may be able to work with a claims representative to recover damages if they suffer an injury that was caused by another customer, a personal injury attorney may need to assist with filing a lawsuit if the person is suing the store.

Assumption of risk in premises liability cases

Bar, nightclub and concert venue owners in Georgia and around the country are expected to do all that they reasonably can to ensure the safety of their patrons, and they are usually held responsible when preventable accidents occur. However, there are exceptions to this general rule. Premises liability lawsuits may not be successful in circumstances where the plaintiffs failed to take reasonable steps to protect themselves from injury.

Understanding legal rights while on spring break

Georgia college students may look forward to hitting the beaches or enjoying some down time during spring break. However, along with warm weather and sunshine, it is possible to experience an injury while on vacation. In the event that an individual is the victim of a crime, he or she may also take civil action to hold parties liable for injuries suffered during the crime.

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